Exterior modifications must be submitted, reviewed and approved before the project begins.

Architectural Review Committee

The ARC believes in guiding you through the process to have a seamless review process.  Please contact management for questions and directions on this process.

ARC Members

Member, Term Expiration


Dennis Snodgrass, 2023

Susan Wahlert, 2020

John Thompson, Chariperson 2019

Luann Johnson, 2021

Russ Clark, 2021



To contact ARC members, please email the committee chair, or use the "Contact Us" tab on the menu bar.

ARC Meetings

Meetings of the ARC are held monthly on as needed basis.  For more information, to attend a meeting, location of the meeting, to alert the ARC to new petitions for construction or remodeling, or to ask questions about community violations of ARC Guidelines, contact Michelle Wainwright at michelle@brickhousepropertymgmt.com.


Can't find the document you're looking for? Send your request to Michelle Wainwright at michelle@brickhousepropertymgmt.com.