Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this guide provides useful information and may answer some of the questions that homeowners and renters may have. Please refer to the CC&R’s for specific information. If you still need help, feel free to call Brick House Property Management at 541-480-9099 or email Michelle Wainwright (our liason) at if your questions are not answered or if you have concerns or complaints. A list of the Board of Directors and their contact information is also available through our office.

When and where are the board of director’s meetings held?

Board of Directors meetings are held at least once each quarter, usually at the River Run Event Center. Notice of the meetings are posted on the bulletin boards at the mail stations and available on the community website, and the notice for the annual meeting is mailed at least ten days in advance and is also listed in our summer news brief. The calendar for these meetings is listed on the portal message center. If you have specific issues requiring board involvement, please contact the association manager at 541-480-9099 to have these items placed on the meeting agenda. All members are encouraged and welcomed to attend board meetings. 

When are assessments due and how should I pay?

Dues are billed quarterly. Your statement will come via e-mail unless you do not have an e-mail on file. The due date for all payments is the first day of each quarter commencing January, April, July and October. Payments are considered late if not received by that due date of the first day of the quarter. Owner accounts must be paid in full when due and must maintain a zero balance. To submit payment online, click here.

Who do I notify if I would like to build, remodel, add an addition, make extensive landscape changes or paint my house?

Start your planning process by contacting our management company for guidelines and regulations: Brick House Property Management, Inc., PO Box 2051, Bend, OR 97709 Phone: 541-480-9099

Email: It is important that you contact the management group prior to beginning the process. ECEHOA has STRICT Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) as well as Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Policies and Guidelines. It is imperative that you have these documents before you begin the improvement process. This can save you time and money. 

How do I obtain a pass for the Sports Centers and the guest passes for those facilities?

For your homeowner’s pass, go to the Eagle Crest Administration Center (their office is across the parking lot from the clock tower). The phone number is 541-923-0807. Forms to request guest passes are available at the Sports Centers, as well as online at

How do I obtain my pool/tennis court key?

Owners contact Brick House Property Management 541-480-9099 or email to obtain a pool and tennis court key. The keys are available for pick up at the Brick House Bend office or the owner can schedule a time for the keys to be dropped off at the property. 

How do I get into the entrance gate? Is there a remote for it?

The general guests and visitors code changes periodically and management will notify you prior to any changes. please call 541-480-9099 for the general gate code used by all owners. Remotes are $25.00 per devise and can be arranged for pick-up through Brick House Property Management. 

How do I obtain my mailbox assignment and key?

Brick House Property Management handles these duties. You can reach them at 541-480-9099 to set up a convenient time to pick up your key.

Is there security at Eagle Crest?

Guest Services drives each area of the property on a random basis to look for suspicious activity throughout the day and night. Guest Services should not be considered security for the property. Call 911 for emergencies such as fire, medical, and police-related issues. Should you need to report suspicious activity, your first call should be to Guest Services at 541-923-2453. This line will be answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When is garbage and recycle pickup?

To establish service, contact High Country Disposal (541-548-4984 or They will provide the appropriate receptacles for trash and recyclables. Garbage pick up is every Friday for regular waste, and the first and third Fridays of each month for all recyclables other than glass. Glass recycling is “do-it-yourself”: dumpsters for glass recycling are located in the maintenance yard of the resort off Falcon Crest Drive. Trash bins should be put out no earlier than Thursday night (Friday morning is preferable). All containers must be returned to their storage area by Friday evening. At times, this is a windy area. Please be sure all items in your garbage/recycle bins are contained within the bins so your refuse isn’t blown throughout our neighborhood. If you are not available to put your container out or return it to your enclosure site, please make special arrangements in advance with your garbage company provider. 

When can we have open burning for yard clean up of our weeds and other debris?

No open burning is permissible at any time within Eagle Crest, not even for contractors working on homes within the development. This does not prevent the use of barbecues as long as you are present at all times and have available some form of fire suppressant such as a fire extinguisher or a hose with running water.

What are the rules regarding pets?

The City of Redmond pet rules apply in Eagle Crest. Please respect your neighbors by leashing and “policing” your pet when off your property. Don’t allow pet waste to accumulate anywhere, including your own yard. Dispose of it properly. All complaints will be turned over to the City of Redmond animal control officer. Because perimeter fencing/physical barriers are prohibited within Eagle Crest, all pets must be on a leash when off owner’s property and contained to owner’s property by electric fence or other approved (pet run) device. Please consider having your pet micro-chipped to facilitate prompt return to you should the animal wander off. Dogs and cats are considered pets for this policy.

What are the rules governing on-street parking in Eagle Crest?

Overnight parking on the streets of our neighborhood is not allowed. If you have overnight guests, they must park in your driveway. Parking for social events or meetings is allowed during the event for a maximum of 6 hours.

What are the rules governing RV’s, trailer, fifth-wheel, and other towable trailers including boats, and utility trailer parking?

Temporary parking for RV’s, trailers and fifth wheels is available through Eagle Crest at the hotel; prior arrangements should be made. Parking of rv’s, trailers, fifth wheels, and other towables on your property is restricted to a 48 hour period for loading and un-loading.

Who do I call to report icy roads?

Call Brick House Property Management at 541-480-9099.

What are the major infractions to the policies of the ECEHOA?

The following items are the major infractions:

  • Dogs off leash

  • Garbage containers left out

  • RV Parking in driveways and on the streets

  • Parking the wrong direction on streets

  • Yards in disrepair and weeds

  • Illegal lighting

  • Unapproved improvements to homes

  • Unapproved painting of homes

  • Loud parties and other noises after 10:00 pm

  • If you have complaints regarding violations of any of these issues, contact Brick House Property Management.

Who is responsible for fines if a home is a rental?

The owner of the home is always responsible for adherence to the documents. This is why it is so important for owners to educate their renters regarding their obligations for living in ECEHOA. All renters are required to have all the documents for ECEHOA supplied to them by the owners. Owners must alert Brick House Property Management if the home is rented.

Do you have any other questions? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.